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Preston Pugmire Mindset Jumpstart
You see other people who seem to “have it all together” and you think about what it would feel like to be living YOUR best life.

You have a vision but it seems like you’ve been saying “THIS is my year!” for 4 years now.

Why does it seem so effortless for other entrepreneurs and feel like a struggle for you?

You know that comparing yourself to others isn’t useful but it is hard not to fall into that trap.

You feel 
  •  Burnt out (or on the verge of it)
  •  Unclear about what to do next
  •  Like you’re spinning your wheels
There is no secret. You already have everything you need to feel happy and successful. It is just a matter of stepping into it. 

You need to get CLARITY on three things.

Your Mindset, your Strategy, and how to Integrate it into your life every single day.

The MINDSET JUMPSTART EXPERIENCE is my answer to the limitations and blocks you face as an entrepreneur.
I know what it's like because I’ve been there. I have felt the exact same feelings. My life and business completely transformed when I got CLEAR on what I wanted, why I wanted it, and what I needed to do to get it. 

You can create and intentionally design your life and business so that your actions align with your vision. So my question for you is...
Are you ready to invest in yourself and step into your power?
  • ​Weekly videos with specific action steps
  • ​Worksheets for each video to clearly walk you through each process
  • ​Four Live weekly coaching calls starting July 16th meeting every Tuesday at 7pm EST / 4pm PST
  • ​Access to recordings of each coaching call to review at your convenience
  • ​A successful, powerful mindset with concrete tools to bring about your best life
  • How to structure your week to make things easier and more productive
  • ​How to get out of your own way and achieve your own definition of success
  • ​How to coach yourself so you can continue making progress after the month is over
  • ​The #1 thing you can do to take control of your own life and business
  • ​How to identify beliefs that are holding you back and interrupt damaging self talk patterns
  • You want to connect with other like-minded people who will empower you because they are hungry and motivated
  • ​You are level 10 committed to making things happen in your life and business
  • ​You want to learn how to shift your mindset to open up new opportunities in your life
  • ​You want to let go of perfection and procrastination and make rapid progress
  • You're done with spinning your wheels and waiting for something magic to happen to give you the time and success you want
  • You are CURRENTLY living your 1st choice dream life and have no friction points in your day
  • You are completely at peace with your progress and success
  • ​You already know everything and never have doubts
Still unsure? Ask yourself, "What does my life look like in one year if I DON'T take any action or make any changes?"
Now ask yourself, what would it feel like to have:
  • ​Razor-sharp CLARITY on your purpose and value
  •  Intentional time for yourself in your life
  • ​Knowing how to really run your business to take your team to the next level
  •  Real financial freedom and time freedom
  •  More support and encouragement than ever before
  • ​Actual peace and the ability to not work late at night when you want to be with your family
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